Register for the reserve list for Thrudball 2024

On-Sale Information

Thrudball 2024 will be held on 3-4 August 2024, with a Sevens tournament on the evening of 2 August.

Tickets for Thrudball 2024 are now sold out. However, we are running a reserve list: if you would like to be on it, then please complete the registration form and if/when a ticket becomes available we will get in contact with the people in question in the order they completed the registration form.

Confirmed ticket sales will be included in the list below, which will be updated weekly. Do not panic if your name does not appear immediately, but be aware that if you have not paid, you will not have secured your place at Thrudball 2024. If we are fortunate enough that all tickets sell out, this page will be updated to say so.

If you have any questions about any part of this process, please contact us on the Discord or by email.

Thrudball Registration Form

We are now running a reserve list. Please do not send payment at this point - any payments will be returned until we are able to offer a ticket.

The form will ask you if you would like to be considered for the Most Thrudlike challenges. A random draw will take place from all those who expressed interest in advance of the tournament. It will also ask if you are interested in playing Dimaryp: saying yes will mean we may ask you during the tournament if you wish to take part, but you can still say no at the time. If you say "no" then we will not ask you and skip to the next person on the list - this means we can move faster between rounds.

Ticket Prices

All payments should be sent via PayPal to using the Friends & Family option. If this option is not used, PayPal takes a percentage which would otherwise go in the charity pot. Your place at the tournament will only be reserved when payment is received.

As a reminder:


Due to costs, refunds for tickets cannot be guaranteed after 01/06/2024. If you find you cannot make the event, please let us know as soon as possible - if it is possible to resell your ticket to someone on the reserve list then we will do so and make a refund.

If we have to pay fees on any payment made to us, refunds will be made of the amount which we actually received from you.

International Pre-Sale Window

As in previous years, there was a window during which International Coaches (those who live outside of the United Kingdom) will be able to purchase one of 10 tickets reserved for this purpose. This window is now closed.

Reserve list

If all tickets are sold, we will update this website to say so. Anyone who sends payment after the 130th ticket has been sold will receive a refund, but will be placed onto the reserve list in the order that they completed the registration form. Tickets which then become available due to drop-outs will be offered to people on the reserve list in that order.

Current Alphabetical List of Attendees (TBC/130)

The Main Event

(Referees and spare players: Lunchmoney, Hargrim, TBC)

Friday Night Sevens 

(Referees and spare players: TBC)