ThrudBall 2024
Rules and Rosters

Rules and Rosters

We have now finalised the rules for Thrudball 2024, and all rules on how to build your team and submit it to us can now be found here

All rosters must be submitted by 23:59 BST on Sunday 7th July 2024.

May 2024 FAQ

As is expected of all NAF tournaments, Thrudball 2024 will fully implement all changes made in the May 2024 Blood Bowl FAQ. The changes which are likely to have the greatest impact are:

Dog Policy

As the venue is a sports club, no dogs are permitted on site. 

Alcohol Policy

Just as a reminder, the venue has an alcohol policy; this means that attendees are not permitted to drink alcohol onsite which has been brought in from outside. All drinks consumed will have to be purchased from the venue.

If you are seen with your own alcohol, you will be asked to pour it out, and failing that you will be asked to leave.