Thrudball Sevens

The Golden Rule

The most important rule is a simple one. This is a family friendly tournament. If during the weekend, the organisers find you to be behaving in a manner not considered to be family friendly, you will be given a warning. If you persist in your behaviour, you will be ejected from the tournament and the campsite and no refund will be issued. 

Thrud Ball Sevens

Thrudball Sevens is a Blood Bowl Sevens tournament, which is a variant of the great game we all love. There are fewer rerolls, the pitch is smaller, there are fewer players and it's quicker (just 45 minutes per game). 

But it's just as fun. 

The tournament runs on the Friday evening before the main tournament, with full details found on the Schedule. Tickets cost £7.50, and can be paid for at the original time of booking, or at any time up to 1 week before the tournament.


Blood Bowl Sevens is different a few important ways.

Thrudball Sevens follows the rules as per the latest Blood Bowl supplement - Death Zone (with the exception of team building, below). 

It is a shorter, smaller, faster variant of the game, played by amateurs who tend to fall over a lot. 

Resurrection Tournament

Because this is a short tournament with games back to back, the scouts for the Pro leagues won't have time to take players off to the draft, and we will be using Resurrection type rules as well.

Team Building

Teams are built to a budget of 600,000 gold coins. 

Teams can take inducements, but wizards, mercenaries and star players are banned. 

Teams can be selected from any of the 29 races.

Teams can only have a maximum of 11 players on the roster.

No roster may take more than half of their normal selection for positionals. E.g., you may only take 0-2 Gutter Runners on a Skaven team, or 0-1 Blitzer on a High Elf team. For 0-1 positionals, these are rounded up, e.g. a Chaos Renegade team may take 1 Goblin, 1 Troll, 1 Minotaur and 1 Rat Ogre.

You are allowed to purchase team rerolls, but they cost twice the normal amount.

Desperate Measures are not permitted. 

Skills Package

Before each game a player may be given a Primary skill, with no skill stacking.

Before the tournament you may select one player to be your team captain, they may be given the Pro skill, and are eligible for one further skillup as above.