Prizes and Awards

The Golden Rule

The most important rule is a simple one. This is a family friendly tournament. If during the weekend, the organisers find you to be behaving in a manner not considered to be family friendly, you will be given a warning. If you persist in your behaviour, you will be ejected from the tournament and the campsite.

Awards (subject to change)

  • Thrudball Champion

  • Runner Up

  • Third Place

  • The Glowworm Award (fourth place)

  • Squad Trophy* - Sponsored by Black Orc Down.

  • Best Painted Team seen on the Field

  • Best Painted Thrud Miniature seen on the Field

  • Best Painted Auction Item

  • Most TDs

  • Most Casualties

  • Get the Ref (Best Fouler)

  • Best Defence

  • Most Sporting

  • Best Newcomer (three or fewer NAF tournaments attended) – Sponsored by Tiki Hut Blood Bowl League

  • Best Thrudling (Best under 16) - Sponsored by the Sann Clan

  • Stunty Cup – Sponsored by Tier Three Podcast

  • Gymir Award (Dockbowl Winner)

  • Comeback King (Most Improved)

  • Most Thrudded (Dead Last Place – comes with a free ticket for SquadChaos Trophy tournament 2022)

  • Team Trophy* - Sponsored by Black Orc Down.

* Teams of 4 or more players are required to compete for this trophy. The top 4 from your club will have their final score, TD and Cas averaged; highest score determines the winner. Please notify us when you purchase your tickets if you wish to compete.

Stunty Cup

To qualify for the Stunty Cup, your roster must only consist of rostered players that are (ST2 or below OR have the Stunty skill rule), or ST5 or more (including Star Players).

Sponsoring a Prize

If you wish to sponsor any of the prizes with any goodies, please get in touch!