Thrud Stars

Thrud Stars

There is a selection of Thrudball star players ready and waiting to be hired by all coaches, and their details may be found in the table below. No other star players may be hired. Teams must consist of a minimum of 11 players before hiring a star player, with the exception of Gymir. Coaches may always hire Gymir as one of their 11 players - he is part of the team and his teammates recognise that.

Coaches may bring 0-1 Star Player if their team is in Tier 1-5, or 0-2 Star Players if their team is in Tier 6 or 7.

If two coaches in a match have attempted to hire the same star player, an obvious explanation arises: one of them must be an imposter! Both claimants to the title will play in the match - the real one is obviously the one whose team ends up winning!

Only the following Thrudball Stars can be included on any teams at Thrudball. If you wish to purchase a miniature ready to play with on the Thrudball weekend, please email us.

Thrudball Star Players

It is not necessary to use one of the ‘official’ miniatures to represent these star players, although the Thrudball team have a stock of Gymir, Thrud Squigs, and Maude Rosbif models available for purchase. Please contact to discuss pricing and postage. Coaches are invited and encouraged to proxy those star players for whom there is not currently a model available. ‘The Glowcarver’ models will be available to those who purchase a Goodie Bag at Thrudball 2024. 

Historical Star Players