Team Building

Team Selection

  • Depending on tiering, a maximum number of gold coins are available to create your team, inducements, skills and Star Players combined (see below for details)

  • Teams must have a minimum of 11 players on their roster before hiring Star Players

  • If you are planning on purchasing inducements, they must be noted on your roster when submitted, and you may not change these between games; no further inducements may be purchased during the event, even if the teams you are playing have a different Team Value

  • Any team may purchase Dedicated Fans, Cheerleaders, Assistant Coaches and Apothecaries as per normal allowances (e.g., no Apothecary for Shambling Undead teams), although the first Dedicated Fan costs only 5k.

  • Stunty qualifying teams include Halflings, Ogres, Goblins, Snotlings, Lizardmen (without any Saurus), Underworld (without any Skaven)

Team Tiers

Tier 1

Team Value: 1200k

Skills: 5

Stars: 1

Races: Dark Elf, Dwarf, Shambling Undead, Skaven

Tier 2

Team Value: 1200k

Skills: 6

Stars: 1

Races: Amazon, Chaos Dwarf, Lizardmen, Orcs, Norse, Vampires, Wood Elves

Tier 3

Team Value: 1250k

Skills: 7

Stars: 1

Races: Elven Union, Human, Imperial Nobility, Slann, Tomb Kings, Underworld Denizens

Tier 4

Team Value: 1250k

Skills: 8

Stars: 1

Races: Black Orc, High Elf, Khorne, Necromantic Horror, Nurgle, Old World Alliance, Snotlings

Tier 5

Team Value: 1300k

Skills: 8

Stars: 2

Races: Chaos Chosen, Chaos Renegades, Halflings

Tier 6

Team Value: 1300k

Skills: 10

Stars: 2

Races: Goblins, Ogres


The following Inducements may be taken

  • 0-2 Bloodweiser Kegs 50k each

  • 0-3 Bribes 50k each (only available to Tier 6 teams)

  • 0-1 Mortuary Assistant 100k (teams with the Sylvanian Spotlight special rule only)

  • 0-1 Plague Doctor 100k (teams with the Favoured of Nurgle special rule only)

  • 0-1 Riotous Rookies 100k (teams with Low Cost Linemen special rule only)

  • 0-1 Halfling Master Chef 300k (100k for teams with the Halfling Thimble Cup special Rule)

  • Star Players (see Tiers for details)


Any rostered player may have up to two additional skills, paid for out of the team budget (costs as per the rulebook). A player may take:

  • One Primary skill

  • One Secondary skill

  • Two Primary skills


  • No skill may be taken more than three times, e.g. a Dwarf team may only have three instances of Guard.

  • Stat increases are not permitted.

  • Additional skills can not be given to Thrud Stars

  • No random skills


Several very special Star Players have come to play with Thrud this year. Any team is free to induce them, but only them.

No stars from any official rules are permitted.


There isn’t any. Injuries are not carried over between games, and players can not learn new skills or gain SPP.