In memory of a much-missed Blood Bowl coach

As you may know, the SquadChaos Initiative was launched in March 2020, uniting Coaches from all over the world.  SquadChaos Captains are me, Nazgob) and Andy (Thor). The original SquadChaos was born from the 2011 WC when TeamChaos attended, we then went to Lucca in 2015 and in 2019 became a “squad” when we took two teams to Dornbirn.

We now have over 100 members and just before Christmas, we welcomed our first member based in Asia and are still growing. Our core values are not only “Good games, good times and good company” but to give coaches a place to come and hang out, an inclusive, safe space, where all are welcome. We want all coaches to get in touch, to give us a shout if they need support and for them to know that someone is here to listen if they need to talk. 

We leave no one behind. 

We also have a very active Discord community for those who don’t use Facebook, where we chat, show off projects and organise tournaments on FUMBBL at present, we are in fact running a 1-day tournament about once a month. We also have an active FUMMBL league that will be starting a new season with new teams shortly so drop in and say hello if you are on there.  


In July last year, I received a message that my friend and fellow Goblin coach Gymir (AKA Carl) had passed away. I was devastated, but that feeling grew worse when I learnt he had taken his own life. A mutual friend had chatted to him the day before, and everything seemed fine, sadly there was no warning. Carl was in every way larger than life, a fantastic guy with a wicked sense of humour, a proud Welshman and someone who always made you smile when he turned up at tournaments. 

At the SquadChaos initiative, we decided to raise money for MIND in Gymir's honour, and so in conjunction with Blackwolf Studios, we have designed and produced a Gymir miniature in limited edition resin (metal also available), with the player card for the Goblin Ooligan which Carl would have loved - he's even holding a scarf with Walez printed on it over his head!

The cost is £6 + P&P although we will accept more. Just today, paid £20 for one! Details and the order form can be found on the Facebook page or discord or email me direct at putting Gymir in the subject line.

Thrud Bowl

Gymir is also one of only two Thrud Ball Star Players available this year, and he will play for any team other than Shambling Undead. That means almost anyone can get the joy of playing with this little 'Ooligan!

Best wishes,