Camping and Food


As you know, we offer free camping at the venue for Thrudball, and for the first year, we are able to camp until the Monday morning. However, we have been forced to issue some rules and guidelines for anyone camping.

  1. This is a family friendly event. We expect all attendees to conduct themselves appropriately.

  2. Please respect other people who are camping.

  3. 1am is lights out. Failure to respect this will result in your expulsion from the event.

  4. Please drink responsibly.

  5. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in your expulsion from the event.

  6. No Personal Camp Fires. If you see a fire (other than the main fire), please alert the event staff or bar staff ASAP. There is a fire extinguisher at the front of Thor’s Caravan. Note: this includes disposable barbecues.

  7. Whilst the bar is open, please do not drink your own drinks. These are licensed premises. Anyone found to be drinking their own alcoholic drinks whilst the bar is open will be ask to leave the venue and the tournament (this is not our decision, but rather a rule from the venue).

  8. Please keep your camping space tidy and litter free. There are bins provided, please use them. Please also ensure that you take all your belongings with you and leave the place as tidy as you found it.

  9. The toilets and showers in the changing rooms will be open 24/7. However, please don’t make a mess in there, and if you see any problems, let the event staff or hall staff know as soon as possible.

  10. Any problems, contact Thor on 07815708926.


Included in your ticket will be food for the weekend. Note, food only tickets are available at £20 per person, so if you want to bring your wife/kids along with you, and they don’t play Blood Bowl, feel free!

Meals included are: Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Sunday Breakfast & Lunch.

As always, if you have any dietary requirements or allergies/restrictions, please let us know when you purchase your ticket. If you don’t tell us about it, we cannot cater for your requirements.

We are also announcing a new Burger Challenge, being held at the BBQ on Saturday night. Entrance is by pre-booking only. In homage to the club that ran Thrudball for a good number of years (BRGA), the challenge is 10 burgers in 10 minutes. It will cost £10 to enter, and if you complete it you will win a tshirt (provided after the event so it will be a correct size) and be entered into the Hall of Fame. All failures will be entered into the Hall of Shame.

Great Halfling Bake Stand

We will once again be running the Halfling Bake Stand. Slices of cake, cookies, etc., will be available to purchase through the weekend, see the Bake Stand when you arrive. If you wish to donate some baked goodness to the Bake Off, please feel free to bring it over after you register!

Things to Remember

  1. Somewhere to sleep overnight –free camping is available at the venue for Friday, Saturday and Sunday Night–yes, you can stay over until Monday morning to save yourself on that long drive back!

  2. Your Painted Team (minimum three colours and based –preferably numbered as per your roster. Any models deemed unpainted by the Referee team will gain the Loner skill for the entire weekend, or until they are painted!).

  3. A copy of the BB2020 Rules and updates, with appropriate templates/cards/etc.

  4. Spending money for the Charity auction and the Bar. Please note there isn’t a cash point on site.

  5. Team Rosters will be provided online, but if you wish to bring a paper copy for your and/or your opponent, please do.

  6. Appropriate Dice (including block dice) and a ball counter/marker.

  7. Transport to and from the event.

  8. This Tournament Pack (or access to the website).

  9. A mug if you want hot drinks whilst camping