Just a few weeks to go!

The final coutndown!

Summer's hit, it's almost warmer, and Thrudball is nearly here! While you're counting down the days, there are a few things that you can be doing.

Tournament Exclusive T-Shirt

For tournament goers, we've got a special edition t-shirt.

We've got high quality printing of Carl Critchlow's incredible artwork for the 2022 event available.

If you'd like a shirt, just click the link below and choose your size.

Grudge an Opponent

Do you have a Book of Grudges? Do you have a hated foe, a nemesis, a nefarious Dick Dastardly to your glorious pigeon? Well, at Thrudball, you can settle that score. For a small donation, you can pick your first round opponent.

The Road to Thrud 2022

Do you play on Fumbbl? If you do,* why don't you get some practice in before Thrudball? Thanks to Christer, Stimme and Neilwat, the latest online NAF tournament is the Road to Thrud.

That's four games using the Thrud ruleset, including the Thrud stars, over four weeks.

If you want to take part, just click the link and build a team!

*And if not, why not?

Counting the days!

Thor (TO), Glowworm (Head Ref) and Nazgob (Chief Igor), and the rest of the Thrudball team.