Thrudball on Fumbbl

About the Event

Thrudball is a long running charity Blood Bowl tabletop tournament, brought to you by SquadChaos. It's now in it's 17th year, and in 2021 raised a record sum of £10,000, which was split between our two chosen charities - MIND and the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

The main event runs in August (2022 tickets will go on sale on the 1st March), but in 2022, for the first time, we're bringing the event to Fumbbl, thanks to the hard work of Neilwat and Stimme. That means six games over six weeks, all with Thrudball's own custom stars, including Thrud the Barbarian himself (although he may be a little worse for wear - he hasn't stopped drinking since August).

Because Thrudball is a charity event, Christer has given us his blessing to ask you all for a voluntary donation. You can play in the tournament without donating, but if you can spare £5 (or anything really - all donations would be gratefully received), the Thrudball team would really appreciate it - we want to make it two years in a row that we break the £10,000 mark!

Thrudball is a family friendly event, run by the community for the community. It's fun, friendly and relaxed, with the emphasis on 'fun for all'. We typically get a lot of first time tabletop coaches, and there's a reason the event sells out so quickly each year - just take a look around the website to see more information about Thrud, the charity auction, and past events.

If you want to know more about the tabletop event, just head over to the SquadChaos discord server or look for one of the captains on Fumbbl: Glowworm, Nazgob or Thor.


Team registration: before end of January 21st

1st Round: 24 Jan - 30 Jan

2nd Round: 31 Jan - 6 Feb

3rd Round: 7 Feb - 13 Feb

4th Round: 14 Feb - 20 Feb

5th Round: 21 Feb - 27 Feb

6th Round: 28 Feb - 6 Mar

Build a Team

Before you create your team on Fumbbl, we highly suggest that you use an Excel sheet or one of the online helpers to create your team and make sure it adds up to the total amount. Find roster making tools on the NAF site.

Once you have decided on your setup, generate a new team following all of the subsequent steps (do not reuse an existing team!):

  1. Create a new team using this link and choose your race and team name. Please add your squad identifier in brackets. E.g. Cherryville Croakers [HUBBBA].

  2. On the team page, there is no need to change ‘Progression’ from ‘Standard’ to ‘None’

  3. Buy all of your players, re-rolls, etc. and click ‘submit for approval’

  4. On the following screen, select your skills.

  5. When ‘Save’ is pressed to confirm your skill choices, there is no pop-up or conformation screen. You can check if your skills have saved correctly by navigating away from the screen and then checking ‘Team Options’ on your team page. You must select all skills before the start of the tournament and may not change them later.

  6. NAF coaches must record their NAF nick and NAF number in the team bio section following team creation. This will help us in the future recording and ranking of online games.

  7. Inducement(s) you wish to use should be left out of your team creation process and listed in the team bio. Inducements have to be announced before start of the tournament and may not be changed in-between matches!

e.g.: at the beginning of a tournament match, select only your announced inducements, as you would normally by spending your remaining treasury as petty cash.

8. Navigate to the tournament team site and use the button at the bottom at the page to apply your team.

Please view Strider’s youtube video if you need more details how to create a team.

Team Selection

  • Depending on tiering, a maximum number of gold coins are available to create your team, inducements, skills and Star Players combined (see below for details)

  • Teams must have a minimum of 11 players on their roster before hiring Star Players

  • If you are planning on purchasing inducements, they must be noted on your roster when submitted, and you may not change these between games; no further inducements may be purchased during the event, even if the teams you are playing have a different Team Value

  • Any team may purchase Dedicated Fans, Cheerleaders, Assistant Coaches and Apothecaries as per normal allowances (e.g., no Apothecary for Shambling Undead teams)

  • Stunty qualifying teams include Halflings, Ogres, Goblins, Snotlings, Lizardmen (without any Saurus), Underworld (without any Skaven)

Team Tiers

Tier 1

Team Value: 1200k

Skills: 5

Stars: 1 (each uses up 2 skill slots in addition to other costs)

Races: Dark Elf, Shambling Undead, Skaven

Tier 2

Team Value: 1200k

Skills: 6

Stars: 1 (each uses up 2 skill slots in addition to other costs)

Races: Amazon, Dwarf, Chaos Dwarf, Norse, Vampires, Wood Elves

Tier 3

Team Value: 1250k

Skills: 7

Stars: 1 (each uses up 2 skill slots in addition to other costs)

Races: Elven Union, Human, Imperial Nobility, Orcs, Slann, Tomb Kings

Tier 4

Team Value: 1250k

Skills: 8

Stars: 1 (each uses up 2 skill slots in addition to other costs)

Races: Black Orc, High Elf, Khorne, Necromantic Horror, Old World Alliance, Underworld Denizens

Tier 5

Team Value: 1300k

Skills: 8

Stars: 2 (each uses up 2 skill slots in addition to other costs)

Races: Chaos Chosen, Chaos Renegades, Halflings, Lizardmen, Nurgle

Tier 6

Team Value: 1300k

Skills: 10

Stars: 2 (each uses up 2 skill slots in addition to other costs)

Races: Goblins, Ogres, Snotlings


The following Inducements may be taken

  • 0-2 Bloodweiser Kegs 50k each

  • 0-3 Bribes 100k each (50k for teams with the Bribery and Corruption special rule only)

  • 0-1 Igor 100k (teams with the Sylvanian Spotlight special rule only)

  • 0-1 Riotous Rookies 100k (teams with Low Cost Linemen special rule only)

  • 0-1 Halfling Master Chef 300k (100k for teams with the Halfling Thimble Cup special Rule).

  • Star Players (see below for details)

  • 0-6 Dedicated Fans 10k

Note: Wizards may not be taken


Any rostered player may have up to two additional skills, paid for out of the team budget (costs as per the rulebook). A player may take primary and/or secondary skills, but a player may only be given one secondary skill. E.g. an Elven Union Blitzer could be given Guard (secondary skill), or Guard and Tackle (Secondary and Primary), but not Guard and Mighty Blow (two Secondary skills).

No skill may be taken more than four times, e.g. a Dwarf team may only have four instances of guard.

Stat increases are not permitted.


• Additional skills can not be given to Thrud Stars

• No random skills



There isn’t any. Injuries are not carried over between games, and players can not learn new skills or gain SPP.