The Year of the Squigs

Are you ready?

Team Building

We've now released the ruleset, including our fabulous star players - don't forget that you can't use GW stars at this event, so every team just has a choice from the six.

Please pay attention to tiers, skill rules and budgets, all of which are different from those used in previous years. 

We have a custom roster builder that coaches will be able to use and submit their teams. This will be available for use shortly. 

Note: If the new Norse are released before the end of May, then they will be permitted at Thrudball 2022. Otherwise, they will not be welcome, and coaches will have to use the old version, from the Teams of Legend document.

Early Bird

As in previous years, those that qualify for the Early Bird will get a little something in their player packs to say thank you. 

To qualify, you need pay for your ticket in full and submit your roster by the 31st May.

If you're looking for more information, there's more information on the Team Building page. 

To submit your roster, check the Roster Submission page. 


All payments should be sent via PayPal to Your tickets are reserved until you pay, but full payment needs to be in the Thrud PayPal account by the end of June.  From July, unpaid tickets will be released to the reserves list.

As a reminder:

Most Thrudlike

This was another huge surprise. Each year, we want six coaches to take part in a series of Most Thrudlike challenges over the weekend. Normally, we get between four and eight contenders. This year, we have thirty volunteers!

Our 2021 champion Bron will be back to defend his title, but the remaining five are still a mystery. These will be drawn at random nearer the event, and we'll make sure to leave you all enough time to get your fancy dress sorted.

We know that's a lot of information, but thank you for taking the time to read it all. 

Thor (TO), Glowworm (Head Ref) and Nazgob (Chief Igor), and the rest of the Thrudball team.