Thrud Auction

The 2024 Orction

Thrudball Auction 2024

The list of items for the Thrudball 2024 Orction can be found above. For those who need a screenreader, or who would prefer to review a table, a text list can be found here.

Dutch Auctions

Where we have multiples of a lot, we will sell these all at once using a 'Dutch Auction' method. Here, the auctioneer will ask for a show of hands as they increase the bidding. The auction will stop when there are only as many bidders left with their hands up as there are items available. 

All remaining bidders will pay the same amount.

Online Bids

It will be possible to bid on many of the items through our online form. These bids will be taken as a maximum that you are willing to pay, and will be managed by the auctioneer against bids from the room for each item. 

All online bids must be in by 23:59 on Wednesday 31 July before the event.

Some items are 'room only' - these are not available for online bidders; so if you want to be sure to get what you want, you need to turn up! All 'room only' items are clearly marked on the list at the top of this page.

Please note: the cost of shipping items to winning online bidders is to be paid by the winner. We will do what we can to ensure that costs are as low as possible, but we will use Royal Mail Tracked shipping unless advised otherwise. No items will be sent to winners before payment is made for shipping and the items.

Paying for Items

For all items won at the in-person event, you must pay for the items before taking them away. Payment via PayPal is preferred, even if you are at the event. Any items not paid for within four weeks of the event will be put back into the auction lists for the next event.

In the exceptionally rare event that we permit an item to be taken away before payment is made, non-payment will result in a ban from all Thrudball activities, and may result in public naming.