Thrud Auction

2024 Online Auction (closed)

ThrudBall Auction 2023 Bonus

As we received so many fantastic items for the 2023 Auction, we decided to hold an Online auction to raise additional funds for our charities Mind and the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. This was held in January/February 2024, and included the wonderful items as can be seen above.

Total raised

In total, the winning bids came to £1,337.52, which thanks to some kind winners rounding up the amount they sent us for the item and postage, came to a total amount raised by the auction of £1,345.21. This, however, is a dumb number, and so the Thrudball team rounded it up to £1,350, meaning that two donations of £675 were made on the 4th of May (NAFC 2024 day!) to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation (email receipt link) and Mind, the Mental Health Charity (email receipt pdf).

The Thrudball Team would like to thank everyone who donated to this auction in whatever form: whether it was donating the items for the auction, or outbidding all comers.

If you are interested in what sold for what amount, a list can be found below. Unsold items will be included in the raffle at Thrudball 2024 or used as spot prizes.

Thrudball Online Auction Results PDF.pdf