Thrud Auction

2024 Online Auction (now closed)

ThrudBall Auction 2023 Bonus

As we received so many fantastic items for the 2023 Auction, we have decided to hold an Online auction to raise additional funds for our charities Mind and the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Online Bids - How does this work?

All bids were submitted through our online form (now closed). These bids will be taken as a maximum that you are willing to pay

All online bids must be submitted by 23:59 GMT on Sunday 18th February 2024. After that, no bids will be accepted, even if they are higher than a previous bid. 

To be completely fair and transparent, these are the rules which will govern this auction:

Multiple Item Auctions

We are fortunate to have multiples of some lots. Where this is the case, the item listing will show how many of the lot there are. In this event, the top X bids will all win the item. If you wish to bid on several copies of these items, rather than just one, contact before the deadline.

Paying for Items

Any items not paid for within four weeks of the winner being contacted will be put back into the auction or raffle lists for Thrudball 2024. There will be no grace periods on this.

Non-payment for items won in this auction will result in you not being permitted to take part in any Thrudball auctions in the future.