Thrudball on Fumbbl

We're Coming to Fumbbl

Although the main event runs in August (2022 tickets will go on sale on the 1st March), in 2022, for the first time, we're bringing the event to Fumbbl, thanks to the hard work of Fumbbl admins Neilwat and Stimme. That means six games over six weeks, all with Thrudball's own custom stars, including Thrud the Barbarian himself (although he may be a little worse for wear - he hasn't stopped drinking since August).

Because Thrudball is a charity event, Christer has given us his blessing ask for donations. You can play in the tournament without donating, but if you can spare £5 (or anything really - all donations would be gratefully received), the Thrudball team would really appreciate it - we want to make it two years in a row that we break the £10,000 mark!  

If you want to participate, be sure to sign up by the 21st January!

Keep safe! 

Thor (TO), Glowworm (Head Ref) and Nazgob (Chief Igor) and the rest of the Thrudball team.