100 Coaches at Thrud plus Sevens Update

Successful Dry Run

There has been a lot going on at Thrudball HQ. We've been sorting the giveaways, arranging the goodie bags and ordering a lot of merchandise. Even better, we've actually started getting it through, and we can happily report that the facemasks are comfortable and easily adjustable.

Even better, at the end of May the SquadChaos captains Glowworm, Thor and Nazgob were joined by longstanding member Landrover at the venue to complete a dry run. Together, we reviewed the venue and checked out the gaming space available. The great news was that once we got the tables out, we realised that we could get even more of you in.

As a result, Thrudball's capacity has been increased to 100, all completely socially distanced.

Thrudball Sevens

Following the release of Blood Bowl Sevens in the recent Death Zone, we have had a review of the rules we are going to use for Thrudball Sevens.

We will be using the Death Zone Sevens rules in their entirety, with the following additions:

  1. No roster may take more than half of their normal selection for positionals. E.g., you may only take 0-2 Gutter Runners on a Skaven team, or 0-1 Blitzer on a High Elf team.

  2. Each roster needs to nominate 1 player before the Tournament to be the Captain of the team. They will receive the Pro skill for free. After each game, you may select one player (who has not already received a skill) to receive a Primary skill.

Early Birds

We're pleased to say that we have 31 Early Birds; coaches who paid for their ticket and submitted their roster by the end of May. It looks like we're going to have a good variety of teams and before anyone asks, no we won't be sharing who or what they'll be bringing.

We can't wait to get back to playing, and it's now really close. Stay safe, and we'll give another update in July once the government has updated their guidance. Fingers crossed!